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Season 3
August 2023-May 2024

Dance Academy of Bellevue offers 1 free trial class for all classes. For multiple trials they must be different classes. For example, if your student would like to try the Elementary Combo class and the Elementary Hip Hop class they may do so because they are 2 different classes. 

There is a registration fee of $30 per student and $15 for each additional student per family with a maximum of 3 fees per family. This fee is due upon registration and is for the regular season (August through May). Registration fees are non-refundable. The cut off date for class registrations will be February 28, 2024. 

The dance season runs from August 2023 to May 2024. Each tuition payment is due on the 1st of each month and will be automatically drafted from the card on file.  Cash, check, or one time card use is optional for payment in lieu of an automatic draft. Please plan accordingly as the withdrawal date of the 1st still applies whether it falls on weekends or holidays. Tuition is determined by a yearly fee (August through May) divided into 10 installments. It is not determined by the number of classes in any particular month, as some months will have fewer classes and some months will have more. Tuition will be due regardless of student absence, inclement weather days, and holidays. Tuition will be prorated for students who enroll after the first class of the month. 

Each class must have at least 3 dancers enrolled. If a class does not have 3 more dancers enrolled by October 1, it will be cancelled. If your child needs to make up a class, they may do so in another equal level class or lesser level. If there is not a class available, please speak with your student's teacher or the director to choose an appropriate class. Please call or email the studio ahead of time to let us know which class your student will be attending for makeup or you can schedule your makeup class through your Parent Portal. It is recommended to make up before April 1st due to choreography for the recital. Making up before April 1st does not apply to the Creative Movement classes since they will not be in the recital. 

Each dance class has a dress code. A dress code is one way students show respect for their peers and their instructors. It demonstrates an understanding of how a dance class operates, with minimal distractions and the ability to move easily for any combination of steps or choreography. A dress code should not make the dancer feel uncomfortable but rather confident and in the right mindset of the class he or she is taking.  It also helps identify the classes/levels that the dancers are in for the instructors. We ask that each student follows the appropriate attire for each dance class, including the hair and jewelry rules. You can view the dress code on the Dress Code page. We understand that unforeseen things happen or articles of clothing end up missing sometimes. If you or your dancer is missing an article of their dance attire that day,  please still come to dance class. Just let the instructor or assistant know that you or your dancer is missing part of the dance attire. 

We ask that all parents or guardians of students in the Creative Movement and Tiny Tot Classes stay for the duration of the class. If your student is in an Elementary class or above and they cannot change their shoes or go to the bathroom by themselves, a parent or guardian must stay during the duration of the class. These parents will assist in shoe change, restroom breaks, disruptive behavior, emergencies, etc. If for any reason you are not able to stay, please notify the instructor or assistant before class begins, so we can plan accordingly. If your child gets easily distracted, we recommend staying away from the viewing windows as much as possible. PLEASE DO NOT WAVE, TAP ON THE WINDOWS, OPEN THE CLASS DOOR , OR INSTRUCT YOUR DANCER DURING CLASS. If there is an emergency and your dancer needs to leave early, tell the front desk person and they will let the teacher know. Please do not allow your dancer or their siblings in the studio spaces unless invited by a DAB staff member. We ask that parents stay outside of the studio as much as possible if your child gets upset. The teacher will handle what they can but if the dancer gets out of hand they will be sent to their parents in the lobby. 

We ask that all parents or guardians of students under the age of 10 arrive at the studio with enough time to allow your student to use the restroom before class begins (EVEN IF YOU ARRIVE LATE). We allow time for restroom breaks before class, during shoe change, or after class. If your student needs to go to the restroom during class, we will excuse them to the lobby to their parent. Please encourage bathroom breaks to your dancer(s) at the appropriate break times. Once a class begins it is important for the dancers to stay in class so they won't miss any valuable information. Bathroom breaks during the middle of class can also cause an interruption of focus for the other dancers in class. 

Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your student's class time (unless arranged prior with a DAB staff member). Our DAB staff members are either teaching, getting ready to teach, or engaged in an administrative assignment. When family members arrive too early it can be distracting and cause delays in the task at hand. Thank you for understanding. 
At DAB, we certainly understand that unexpected delays can happen with traffic or other factors. If at all possible, please call the studio to let the staff know that you are running late to drop off your dancer(s). If your dancer(s) is in a Level I class or above and arrives 15 minutes or more late, they might be asked to sit out, observe class, and take notes. This rule is very important and is for the dancers' safety. Warm ups are imperative for getting the body ready to move and the first part of warm up is especially important. If that time is missed your dancer risks getting injured. 

At DAB, we certainly understand that unexpected delays can happen with traffic or other factors. If at all possible, please call the studio to let the staff know you are running late to pick up your dancer(s). 

If any student chooses to withdraw from a class or classes for any reason, the withdrawal form must be filled out no later than the 28th of the month and turned in via email or to the front desk. If the withdrawal form is not turned in by the 28th of the month, you will be responsible for the tuition of the dropped classes, regardless of attendance for the coming months until the form is submitted. Upon withdrawal, any outstanding balance is due immediately. Please note: If a student withdraws, all deposits and tuition fees, registration fees, costume fees and recital fees are non-refundable. 

In case of inclement weather Dance Academy of Bellevue will cancel at their own discretion. If classes are closed, parents will receive an email by 2:00pm for Monday through Friday classes and by 8:00am for Saturday classes. Messages pertaining to closing will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. There will be no refund for any days missed due to inclement weather. For a class make up please refer to the "CLASSES and MAKEUP POLICY" section on this page.

On top of the monthly tuition for classes, there will be a Musical Theatre show fee in the amount of $50 per student in Musical Theatre Rising Stars first semester, and $150 per student in Musical Theatre Broadway Bound first semester. The fees for second semester for both classes is TBD. The fee will be broken up evenly into 2 payments. The first half will be withdrawn from the family account on August 15, 2023 and the other half on September 15, 2023. The Show Class fee helps cover the cost of the music license and rights, the show kit which includes the music and scripts, costumes, scenery, props, theater rental, and any additional rehearsals. DAB reserves the right to change the musical due to licensing availability and the number of participants. Please see the Musical Theatre page for a description of the program.

There will be a costume fee in the amount of $65 per costume per student for all Tiny Tot classes. A costume fee in the amount of $75 per costume per student for all Elementary and Preparatory Leveled Classes. All students in Level 1 and above will have a costume fee of $85 per costume. 

All costume fees will be split into 2 payments that will be drafted on November 15, 2023 and on January 15, 2023. For any student that registers after January 15th, the costume fee will be due upon registration. Costume fees are non-refundable. If a costume needs to be reordered for incorrect fit, there will be a charge of $12 to pay for shipping and handling. Costume payment plans are available upon request. Please email the studio or speak to a staff member at the desk for a payment plan. 
Students will be measured for costumes January 4-13, 2024. One parent or guardian must be present either before or after class to measure their dancer(s). An email with instructions will be sent out prior to January on how to measure correctly for a costume. The DAB staff will be available to assist if needed. Dance Academy of Bellevue is not responsible for any incorrect measurements. 
Dance Academy of Bellevue will have 1 recital at the end of the dance season on Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1 at Lawson High School. There will be one recital fee in the amount of $50 per family charged on April 15, 2024.  The recital fee will only be charged to the families that are participating in the recital.
**If there is an outstanding tuition balance, your child may not participate in the recital.**

Students are not allowed to stand or sit in front of the building for their ride or cross the parking lot without adult supervision. If you are unable to get out of the vehicle, please use the very front of building to drop off/pick up. It is very important that these rules are followed to ensure the safety of everyone. 

Upon registration in the Jackrabbit portal,  all dancers, or parents of minors, check that they have read the Participant Release and Waiver of Liability. Dance Academy of Bellevue is harmless of all liability and claims that participants or representatives may have against DAB with respect to any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property loss or damage that may result from participation at DAB. All students in the Level I and above are required to carry a Dance Notebook in their dance bag. In case of injuries inside or outside Dance Academy of Bellevue, the student must attend their classes and sit out and take notes (ex: if a dancer breaks their leg and is in a cast for a few weeks they must sit out and take notes). Even though the dancer isn't participating physically, they can still learn and take important notes. If your dancer has minor injury and is still able to dance, please notify the instructor or assistant so we can be aware of it while they are in dance class. 

Each dance is the intellectual property of DAB and the instructors and should not be used without permission. Please respect the privacy of the instructors and all other students. Any music recorded is subject to copyright laws. On occasion, DAB staff will take photos and videos of students/classes for advertising purposes or for note taking purposes. If you do NOT consent your child being photographed or video-recorded, be sure to let us know it writing either by email or letter. As it states on the Participant Release and Waiver of Liability page, "If I do NOT consent to being photographed or video-recorded, I will make sure the director is aware of my concerns and the reasons for them, I will be proactive about avoiding being photographed or recorded, and I will not hold DAB harmless if a photo or video recording of me is released despite all precautions. I understand that this choice may limit my participation in performances that are routinely photographed and/or videotaped".  At registration, through the Jackrabbit portal, each parent must sign that they have read the Participant Release and Waiver of Liability. If you would like a copy of the Participant Release and Waiver of Liability, please see the front desk. 

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