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Musical Theatre at DAB

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Our Musical Theatre program are true triple threat classes that are in 2 semester increments: Semester 1 (August 2023-December 2023) and Semester 2 (January 2024-May 2024). Sign up for 1 semester or both! The students in the second semester classes will participate in the end of the season recital.

Our Musical Theatre program will be divided into 2 different class options called Musical Theatre: Rising Stars and Musical Theatre: Broadway Bound. The students will learn how to audition technique, theatre improvisation, dance technique, and participate in theater exercises throughout the classes. The classes are tuition based and will fall under the regular class prices listed on the Class Prices page. In addition to tuition, the Musical Theatre classes will have an additional fee which are listed down below.

Musical Theatre: Rising Stars

Rising Stars is for ages 6-18 and for those that are interested in musical theatre, for beginners, and will be participating in a cabaret style musical production at the studio at the end of Semester 1. For Semester 2, the Rising Stars will be cast in and perform a small musical production that will be performed outside of the studio.

Musical Theatre: Broadway Bound

Broadway Bound is for ages 8-18 and for those that are fully committed to musical theatre, for those that can learn quickly, and will be participating in a small scale production at the studio at the end of semester 1. For Semester 2, Broadway Bound students will be cast in and perform in a larger scale musical production outside of the studio. Their core class will be tuition based and on Thursdays. In addition to the core class, the Broadway Bound students will have rehearsal on Fridays. Not every student will have to attend every Friday so it will not be included in tuition but is included in the Musical Theatre fee. Lastly, the Broadway Bound students are allowed 2 excused absences per semester. If multiple absences occur, the student's part will be recasted or scenes will be taken away.

Musical Theatre:
Rising Stars
Ages 6-18
Thursdays 4:00-5:30pm
Musical Theatre:
Broadway Bound
Ages 8-18
Thursdays 5:00-6:30
Fridays 5:00-6:30
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Musical Theatre Show Fees:

On top of the monthly tuition for classes, there will be a Musical Theatre show fee in the amount that will cover the cost of  the music license and rights, the show kit which includes the music and scripts, costumes, programs, posters, ads, scenery, props, any additional rehearsals, and for Broadway Bound-Friday classes. The fee for Semester 2 classes is more because the performances will be at a rented theatre rather than at the studio for Semester 1.

Show Fees

Rising Stars Semester 1: $50

Rising Stars Semester 2: $TBD

Broadway Bound Semester 1: $150

Broadway Bound Semester 2: $TBD

The fees will broken up into separate payments unless paid in full is requested.

Those dates are August 15 and September 15.


Seussical the Musical Jr. 
February 2022

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