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How do I know which classes to register for?

For the Combo classes and below, we recommend the class that falls within their age range. For the leveled classes, we recommend that dancers trial a class that seems like the correct age/level class, and the instructor can evaluate the student in class to ensure he/she is in the correct class.  After evaluation, the instructor will recommend which class is most appropriate for that student.

Do you offer free trial classes? 

Yes, finding the right style/class is important. Before registering, a student may register for 1 free trial class. Quantities of trial classes depend on the class. Please see the Trial Class section on the DAB Policies page.

Will there be a recital? 

Yes, there will be 1 recital for the year at the end of the dance season. Typically, the annual recital is performed in June.

What all is included with the costume fee? 

The costume fee includes the cost for the individual costume, headpiece, tights, shipping and handling, and labor to unbox and organize costumes. 

Can a student take more than one level? 

Once a student is in the Beginner level, they might be asked to take different levels. For instance, a student can be best suited for Intermediate Ballet but might need another year in Beginner Jazz and Tap. 

May I bring food or drinks? 

You may bring food or drinks inside the lobby only. Please empty any liquids in the sink before disposing any cups in the garbage can. Students may bring water only into the studio as long as their container has a lid. 

May I watch the students dance inside the classroom? 

Parents are not allowed to watch inside the classroom as it causes a distraction for the dancers. Each studio has large viewing windows to see your dancer. If your child gets easily distracted, we recommend staying away from the viewing window as much as possible. Please do not wave, tap on the windows, or get your dancers' attention during class. 

How do you communicate with families? 

Our primary source of communication is email. We ask that everyone provide us with a current email address that they check on a regular basis. We also communicate via text messages, Facebook, on our bulletin board, and occasional handouts and newsletters. It is our goal to keep everyone informed. You are always welcome to call, email, or stop by the office with any questions.

If I want to speak to an instructor, should I try to catch them after class? 

Often teachers' schedules only allow for a small break between classes. If you would like to have a discussion with the instructor that might not be brief, please leave a message for the teacher at the front desk.

What if a student tries dance and does not like it? 

If a student seems to struggle with dance or does not like it, please reach out to us to discuss your concerns. We will try and come up with a solution to make it work for each student.

Why is tuition the same every month when some months like December have only 2 or 3 classes? 

The tuition amount is averaged out over the 10 month season. Sometimes there are 4 classes, sometimes there are 5 and in December there may be 2 or 3. The averaged tuition makes it easier for you to know that the account will be charged the exact same amount each month and makes the cost less for some months when there are 5 classes. If tuition were less in December, monthly tuition would be more for the rest of the year.

Do you close for holidays? 

Please see the Calendar tab on our Home page for closings. We will also send out reminders and notices ahead of time of holiday closings. 

Where can I find dance wear? 

Nashville offers a few different dance wear stores including Spells Dance Wear (DAB's favorite), and Target stores. Discount Dance and Amazon, also offers many dancewear options. For your convenience, you can also purchase dance wear through the front office!

Why is there a registration fee and what does it go towards? 

The registration fee covers the costs of paperwork processing and computer time required to set up a student in the attendance and tuition-billing system. It also covers a dancer’s insurance, music license fees and studio communication costs—all separate expenses from class tuition.

Why is there a recital fee and what does it go towards? 

The recital fee covers some of the costs of a recital such as renting the theater, insurance for the dancers, lighting, sound, back drops, programs, etc. The recital fee does not cover all of the items listed above. Recital tickets balance out the rest of the cost. 

If I decide not to participate in the recital, do I have to quit dance? 

No. If you choose not to participate in recital, you will still learn the routine, but you will not perform it on stage with your class. Your classes will end the last week of May.

What if I decide to change classes after I register? 

If you need to change to a different day or time for any reason, please email the studio by January 10th, before costumes are ordered. 

If you have any questions please type your question below, or call us at 629-888-9954, or email us at and we will be happy assist you. 

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