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Our Mission

Dance Academy of Bellevue is a safe and inclusive place for all dancers to be themselves. At DAB, our dancers learn to instill confidence in self-expression and individuality. They are also taught to appreciate and respect the art of dance through quality instruction.

At DAB our core values are creativity, encouragement, teamwork,  and community. 

  • Conveniently located near Publix, Kroger, Harpeth Valley Elementary, several restaurants, Crumbl, and Starbucks!


  • 2 large, spacious studios

  • viewing windows in each room

  • free wifi

  • changing room for dancers

  • convenient drop off and pick up in front of the studio

  • large, safe parking lot

the facility


dance dad

"Wonderful owner and instructors.They teach high quality dance in several disciplines, but what stands out even more is that my kids genuinely enjoy their experience because they also emphasize important things like body positivity and treating yourself and others well. Brittany is an incredible role model to my kids, can't say enough about her."


office hours

Sunday | Closed
Monday | inquire for summer hours
Tuesday | inquire for summer hours

Wednesday | inquire for summer hours
Thursday| inquire for summer hours
Friday| inquire for summer hours
Saturday| 8:30-11:45am

Hours are subject to change dependent on inclement weather, holidays, or class cancellations.

8074 Highway 100

Nashville, TN 37221

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