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Musical Theatre 

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Our Musical Theatre program is a true triple threat class that will run the whole season from August 2024 through May 2025. The students in Musical Theatre will study singing, dancing, acting, perform in their own musical in either late March 2025 or mid April 2025 (date TBD), and participate in the annual DAB recital in June 2025. This class is for ages 8-17 with the possible exception of 7 year olds.

At the start of the season the students will learn "Musical Theatre 101". They will learn about stage presence, vocal/musical cues, improvisation, how to bounce off of fellow actors, how to audition, how to project, how to dance in an ensemble, and more! Once the students get the semester underway, they will start the audition process for their spring musical. After their musical, they will start to prep for their piece in the DAB recital. 

Do you have a child that is interested in the non-performing side of musical theatre? They can join the Musical Theatre Crew! More info coming soon.

The Musical Theater class will be on Mondays from 4:15-7:30pm. During the "101" section of the class the students will get the opportunity to work together as a whole group and be broken up into 2 groups for more focused learning. An example might be: group A will meet at 4:15 through 5:45 and group B will join them at 5:15. The groups will be based off of ages and once the show is cast they will be based off casting. There will still be time together as a group during each class.


  Once the audition process begins, the students might be asked to come to select time slots that will lead up to the auditions. When we get closer to the performance date, the students might be asked to come in larger chunks of time or the whole time (4:15-7:30) with a break worked in. The schedule will be set ahead of time for ease of family planning purposes.

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The Musical Theatre class will not be included with the tuition-based classes. Rather it will have one fee in the amount of $950 that will be divided into 10 installments of $95 that will be charged on the 1st of each month (August 2024 through May 2025). While the fee isn't included with the tuition based-set up, the family discount of 10% still applies. 

While the musical theatre students will be learning basic dance steps for their musical performance, they are encouraged to take dance technique classes to help them pick up choreography quicker, have a better understanding of dance technique, and further develop their strength in moving on stage. Having a stronger dance background is beneficial to those wanting to pursue musical theatre performance as they get older.

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 May 2023

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